Mindful Running


Mindful Running

An authoritative guide to how mindful running can improve performance and make you a happier and more fulfilled person.

Bloomsbury Publishing, October 2017

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By applying mindfulness to your training, you tap into a powerful mind-body connection that not only optimizes sporting performance, but more importantly, boosts happiness both on and off the running trails. In her new book Mindful Running, established health and fitness journalist Mackenzie L. Havey taps a wide range of sources, from weekend warriors, to Olympic runners, to coaches, neuroscientists, sports psychologists and meditation experts to examine how training mental fitness through mindfulness can enhance your running practice and lead to a more contented existence.

A lifelong runner and coach with a graduate degree in Kinesiology and training in mindfulness techniques, Havey recounts her personal practice of meditative running and the influence it has had on her life, as well as the stories of a number of notable athletes and personalities. Their words underscore what the research has discovered: Mindfulness changes the very structure of the brain and paired with physical training, it has the potential to give you an edge when you’re out logging mileage, but also when dealing with a challenging situation at work, talking to your children, or relating to your spouse. Mindful running is a total body and mind fitness regime.

Regardless of where you’re at in your running practice, the Mindful Running process is the same: We focus in on the body, mind, and surroundings and begin to notice what thoughts, feelings and sensations exist in that moment; we fathom that information, consider how it all fits together from a holistic standpoint, and decide if we need to make adjustments; and when we follow these steps we enter flow, a state that embodies present moment awareness, concentration, confidence, optimal performance and joy.

Havey demonstrates through anecdotal stories, scientific research, expert analysis and experiential exercises the transformative power of Mindful Running and the effect it can have on our everyday lives: the ability to exist in the present, endure challenges and hardship, and find greater happiness in all things both big and small.

Athletes featured in Mindful Running include: Deena Kastor, Mary Wittenberg, Ryan Hall, Liz Yelling, Alexi Pappas, Liam Adams, Sarah Attar, Kim Conley, Dean Karnazes, Timothy Olson, Sarah Piampiano, Linsey Corbin, Becky Wade and others.

Interviews with experts in a variety of fields include thought leader in the science of self-mastery Judson Brewer, sports psychologist Gloria Petruzzelli, neuroscientists Tracey Shors and Fadel Zeidan, "brain hacker" Leslie Sherlin, and mindfulness researcher and professor of medicine Rick Hecht among others. In addition to their brilliant work in their respective fields, they are also all mindful runners.